About Us

We are a leading international Interim Management provider focused on helping organizations change. We deploy senior Interim Executives globally and on a short notice. Executives that advise you, help you define what changes you want to achieve and why, and then help you deliver the changes.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to Interim Management. Once we match Interim Managers with a client requirement, our engagement is only starting. We are actively involved throughout the project and we ensure that our clients’ and our Interim Managers’ goals are aligned and that the expected business benefits are being delivered.

We bring together the best of management consulting and executive search consulting.

Our Services

  1. Interim Management

    We help you solve critical business challenges with seasoned executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim executives can be your solution. We match your needs with hands-on, proven Interim Executives available when you need them.

  2. Part-time Executives

    Avoid under-hiring or over-paying executives. Let us connect you with a senior executive for the amount of time you need them. Right talent for the right number of days to deliver agreed business outcomes gives you the best bang for the buck.

  3. Project Delivery

    If you have a critical project that requires particular experience and expertise and the right talent is not available internally, we will provide the executive who has been there and done that.

  4. Change Delivery

    We bring the experience and expertise required to successfully deliver major change management programmes. From major ERP implementations to management of Global 2000 merger, our Interim Managers have delivered it.

  5. Support For Interim Managers

    Once Interim Managers join our network, we support them throughout their Interim Management career:

    • Provide always new and challenging Interim Management opportunities
    • Education and knowledge sharing within the network
    • Support the project delivery by bringing in the right subject matter expertise as needed
    • Help with logistics ranging from helping with immigration issues to arranging pet sitting in Interim Manager’s home country
Interim Management?

Visit our FAQ to learn more about Interim Management and how it brings the best from management consulting and executive search to help you deliver business outcomes.

Who Are We?

InterimManagement.com is a leading global Interim Management specialist. Our Interim Managers have on average over 20 years of relevant experience. Learn more About Us.

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If you want to learn more about the Interim Management concept, about our services, or if you are considering working with us as a client or as an Interim Manager, contact us.

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Why Use Interim Managers?

We provide interim C-level executives and experienced functional managers to solve business challenges or assist with market opportunities. You should consider Interim Managers for:

  1. 1
    Time sensitive requirements

    When rapid results are required and the delay of full time search would cause severe consequences.

  2. 2

    Significant transition and transformation outcomes have to be achieved before a permanent solution is implemented.

  3. 3
    Particular expertise

    Temporary requirement for particular senior expertise with relevant market experience. Not just to act as an adviser, but also to roll up their sleeves and manage the delivery of business outcomes.

  4. 4
    Unclear job specification

    Before the job specification is clearly defined and an immediate senior executive is required to hold the fort.

  5. 5

    There is a need for a honest, objective feedback and advice free from politics and and self-interest.

  6. 6
    Merger support

    A need exists to define or implement a merger or manage post-acquisition integration.

  7. 7
    Sudden resignation

    When a sudden resignation has left a crucial gap and a senior executive is required until the permanent search is concluded.

Sectors We Serve

  • Financial Services
    • Banking Services
      • Banks
      • Consumer Financial Services
      • Specialty Financials
    • Investment Banking & Investment Services
      • Investment Banking & Brokerage Services
      • Investment Management & Fund Operators
      • Diversified Investment Services
      • Specialty Investment Services
      • Financial & Commodity Market Operators
    • Diversified Financial Services
    • Insurance
      • Multiline Insurance
      • Property & Casualty Insurance
      • Life & Health Insurance
      • Reinsurance
      • Insurance Brokers
    • Investment Trust
    • Real Estate
  • Life Sciences
    • Healthcare
    • Healthcare Facilities & Services
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Biotechnology & Medical Research
    • Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution
  • Software, IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Telecommunications Services (Integrated and Wireless)
  • Professional Services, Commercial Services & Supplies
    • Professional Services / Consulting
    • Environmental Services
    • Business Support Services
  • Media & Publishing
    • Advertising & Marketing
    • Broadcasting
    • Entertainment Production
    • Publishing
  • Energy
    • Oil & Gas
    • Electricity Generation and Distribution
    • Renewable Energy Industry
  • Hotels & Entertainment Services
    • Hotels, Motels & Cruiselines
    • Restaurants
    • Casinos & Gaming
    • Leisure & Recreation
  • Transportation
    • Air Freight & Courier Services
    • Airline Services (Airlines, Airport Services)
    • Marine Services (Freight Transportation, Marine, Marine Port Services)
    • Transportation, Ground
  • Utilities
    • Electric Utilities
    • Natural Gas Utilities
    • Water & Other Utilities
  • Retail (Diversified and Specialty)

Types Of Roles We Handle

  • Senior Board Level Interim Executives
    • Interim Chief Executive, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, COO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, Managing Director, Operations Director, Turnaround Director
  • Interim Sales Managers
    • Interim Head of Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development Director, Commercial Director
  • Interim Legal Executives
    • Interim Head of Legal, Legal Counsel, Legal Director, Head of Compliance, Head of Corporate Affairs, Compliance Manager, Head of Regulatory Risk, Head of Regulatory Reporting, Head of Audit, AML & CTF Manager
  • Interim Operations Managers
    • Interim COO, Chief Operating Officer, Operations Director, Operations Manager, Corporate Services Director, Logistics Director, Manufacturing Director, Procurement Director, Quality Director, R&D Director, Head of Operational Risk
  • Interim Marketing Managers
    • Interim CMO, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Product Director, Product Manager, Director of Customer Experience, Customer Experience Manager, Head of Advertising
  • Interim Programme Managers / Interim Project Managers
    • Interim Head of Project Management, Head of Delivery, Director of Project Assurance, Portfolio Manager, PMO Manager, Programme Director, Programme Manager, Project Director, Project Manager, Integration Director, Integration Manager, Bid Manager, Change Manager
  • Interim Finance Managers
    • Interim CFO, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Financial Officer, CRO, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Risk, Head of Financial Risk, Head of Credit Risk, Head of Risk Analytics, Commercial Finance Director, Commercial Finance Manager, Finance Director, Director of Finance, Financial Controller, Finance Transformation Manager, Head of Procurement, Head of Capital Management, Information Services Finance Director, Treasury Manager, Chief Credit Officer, Head of Collections, Accounting Manager
  • Interim HR Manager/ Interim Human Resources Managers
    • Interim Head of HR, HRD, HR Director, Human Resources Director, HR Manager, L&D Manager, Learning & Development Manager, HR Training Manager, HR Programme Manager, HR Project Manager, HR Transition Manager, Health & Safety Manager, Organizational Change Manager
  • Interim IT Managers / Interim Information Technology Managers
    • Interim CIO, Chief Information Officer, CTO, Chief Technology Officer, CTRO, Chief Technology Risk Officer, Head of Technology Risk, CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Architect, Head of IT Architecture, IT Systems Director, Head of IS, Head of Information Systems, Head of Infrastructure, Infrastructure Director, Infrastructure Manager, Head of IT Operations, Head of IT Service Delivery, IT Change Director, IT Change Manager, IT Director, IT Manager, Programme Director, IT Programme Manager, IT Project Director, IT Project Manager, IT Sourcing Manager, IT Vendor Manager, IT Systems Development Director, General Manager – Software, Head of Testing