About Interim Management

Experienced management is one of the most important factors behind the success of any venture.

Interim Management is the rapid delivery of senior, experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a for a defined period of time to strengthen our clients’ executive team, lead organizational changes, deliver a critical programme, fill unexpected gaps in a company, restructure the organization or turn around under-performing projects or divisions.

Interim Managers are typically experienced, highly qualified, hands-on, pragmatic executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact. Interim Managers differ from consultants because they assume executive responsibility. They are generally sensibly over-qualified for the assignments they undertake, and have extensive functional and industry experience. They have successfully addressed similar issues to those faced by their clients.

To learn more about Interim Management, visit our Interim Management FAQ

About InterimManagement.com

We are a leading international Interim Management provider focused on helping organizations change. Our extensive network of pre-vetted Interim Managers includes some of the top global interim executive and management talent ranging from ex-CEOs of Global 500 organizations to highly experienced project managers. We deploy senior Interim Executives globally and on a short notice. Executives that advise our clients, help them define what changes they want to achieve and why, and then help them deliver the changes.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to Interim Management. We are all Interim Managers ourselves. We screen our Interim Management candidates carefully before we include them in our network. Once we match them with a client requirement, our engagement is only starting. We are actively involved throughout the project and we ensure that our clients’ and our Interim Managers’ goals are aligned and that the expected business benefits are being delivered.

We bring together the best of management consulting and executive search consulting.

Our Services

  1. Interim Management

    We help you solve critical business challenges with seasoned executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim executives can be your solution. We match your needs with hands-on, proven Interim Executives available when you need them.

  2. Part-time Executives

    Avoid under-hiring or over-paying executives. Let us connect you with a senior executive for the amount of time you need them. Right talent for the right number of days to deliver agreed business outcomes gives you the best bang for the buck.

  3. Project Delivery

    If you have a critical project that requires particular experience and expertise and the right talent is not available internally, we will provide the executive who has been there and done that.

  4. Change Delivery

    We bring the experience and expertise required to successfully deliver major change management programmes. From major ERP implementations to management of Global 2000 merger, our Interim Managers have delivered it.

  5. Support For Interim Managers

    Once Interim Managers join our network, we support them throughout their Interim Management career:

    • Provide always new and challenging Interim Management opportunities
    • Education and knowledge sharing within the network
    • Support the project delivery by bringing in the right subject matter expertise as needed
    • Help with logistics ranging from helping with immigration issues to arranging pet sitting in Interim Manager’s home country

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most reputable Interim Management provider through our deep understanding of the market requirements; innovative ways to select and engage most qualified Interim Managers; and our focus on clients’ business outcomes.

We will achieve our goals through the expertise of our people. Our internal management and consultants will all be selected on the basis of their hands-on Interim Management experience.


Brief History of Our Company

March, 1988

City Executives – executive search firm focused on Financial Services – founded in London

February, 1998

In response to client requirements, 50% of City Executive engagements focused on interim management

March, 2003

City Executives founders started Executive Nomads – a dedicated Interim Management provider

May, 2009

City Executives, Executive Nomads, Execu.com and Tissaut & Tissaut joined the forces to start InterimManagement.com with the vision to become the largest global provider dedicated to Interim Management

March, 2010

InterimManagement.com hired a management team comprised of senior interim managers

February, 2016

InterimManagement.com reorganized to better serve its global market