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Become an Interim Manager Interim Managers are a highly select group of senior level executives who have a demonstrated track record of achieving superior results. They are passionately interested in new opportunities and solving challenging business problems. Their experience spans multiple companies and multiple transformation initiatives. They will have a track record of taking initiative, are organizationally aware, with excellent project management and communication skills. Interim Managers are experienced, highly qualified, hands-on and pragmatic executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact to their clients.

Becoming an Interim Manager is not for everyone. We vet our Interim Managers very thoroughly.

Who are Interim Managers
  • They have chosen Interim Management as a career path and are committed to deploy their knowledge, talent and experience to rapidly resolve variety of business issues in a variety of business environments.
  • They generally have over 20 years of experience of which at least 10 years of experience as a senior executive in multiple medium to large enterprises.
  • They are comfortable with being a ‘hands-on’ leader. They are action-oriented individuals who know how to get the job done without necessarily relying on a large staff.
  • They typically have a particular area of deep expertise supplemented by broad business knowledge.
  • They are rapidly available. We generally go from client contact to start of an engagement in two to three weeks.
  • They are flexible and ready to be deployed anywhere in the world for up to 9 months. While some of our assignments are short-term and measured in days, they typically range from 3 to 9 months.
  • Simply put, our Interim Managers have to be proven leaders with a history of results and a proactive attitude.
For the right person we offer
  • Challenging projects with the opportunity to make a significant impact.
  • Advisory support: an experienced management team that won’t tell you how to do your job, but will act as a sounding board to ensure mutual success.
  • Administrative support: we handle contract and terms negotiation so you can focus on the business, not on the administrative details.
If you are interested in becoming an Interim Manager:
  • Submit your application through the form below or by email to
  • We will review your submission and respond within few days.
  • We will arrange a phone interview for potential candidates.
  • For candidates that pass the initial screening, we will arrange an in-person interview with one or more of our Partners.
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